Roulette Table

Acceptable Behavior Around The Roulette Table

The most important thing to consider about roulette games are that it is fat and they finish quick. So, if you are new to the game, make sure you understand the game and its rules and then join the table. It is considered rude to ask your neighbors on the table about what is happening and asking the dealer to help with a decision. They are not bound to answer.

Before the wheel spins, the dealer will give you a minute to place your bets and you can continue to place bets on the board until the wheel stops spinning. The dealer will state “no more bets” and wave their hand. After this, you cannot touch any of the coins/bets placed.

Once the ball has stopped, the dealer will mark the winning spot and payout all the winning bets and remove losing bets. Until all the winners have been settled, you cannot take your chips out of the table.

Do not attempt to approach the dealer or lean over to touch any of the bets while the game is in progress. Join in on the table only if the game has stopped and bets are being allowed on that game.