Behavior around the Slots

Behavior around the Slots

The slot machine can be so much fun and simply addictive. Both the young and the old enjoy this game alike. There are some unsaid rules about playing the slot machines and it makes perfect sense to go through these before you walk into the casino and occupy the first seat available.

Generally, if the stool in front of a slot machine is slanted against it, it means that the player is on a break- restroom break, stepped out for a smoke, or drink. Either ways, make sure you do not occupy those slot machines.

Another way to make it known that the player has just stepped out for a break is to hang/rest the coins’ bucket in the resting tray. Another sign for you to step away from such machines.

Many people play a couple of machines at one time and so if there is a player next to the machine you have chosen, be polite and ask if it is occupied before you sit down to play.

Another important thing is that it is considered rude to stand around and watch someone play the slots. Nobody appreciates someone hanging around too close for comfort watching especially if you are losing. Maintain a little distance if you really want to watch